Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Free Music

James Kibbie's organ music, mainly of Bach, is free for you to download, thanks to a grant from the family of J Barry Sloat

ClassicMusicArchives is still on line with lots of free stuff, some with a free subscription via facebook.

 Celtic music podcast has lots of show type podcasts, and is on iTunes.

I brought all my cd's with me (I ripped them to mp3's and carried them with me that way) so I have a lot of classical and "elevator" (easy listening) music. But a lot of these can be found on youtube if you download and rip the video to mp3.

Chano favors listening on line to the various radio stations, but I don't since I turn my computer off a lot (especially when the thunderstorms hit: I lost my hard drive once after I ran to help Angel have her puppies without turning it off, and a storm hit and we got a power surge)

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