Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lies take two

From David Warren: remembering Hue and the American reporters who saw nothing:

If for no other cause, I would recommend the book to gentle reader as the best account I know of the massacre at Huế, during the Tet Offensive in 1968. Played down by the functionaries of the Western press, excused by many, & denied by some (Noam Chomsky, &c), it was a manifestation of unambiguous evil on a convincing scale. No honest appraisal could fail to expose the nature of the Communist mind that had planned it in attentive detail: three thousand political executions, against a background of general carnage in which defenceless non-combatants, including large numbers of women & children, became the intended occupants of mass graves.
It is hard for me to write about my own experiences in that country, partly for the rage I still contain against smug, liberal journalists who critiqued the allied war effort from the safety of the bars in Saigon. It is a disproportionate rage, for they were malicious idiots, not murderers in the first degree. Few had the intelligence to see the sometimes direct relationship between what they were filing & what would ensue; some did, & exulted in their power.

Yes, even after Cambodia, the boat people, and the genocides after the communist take over there, the press and elites still exult their youthful anti war activity.

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