Sunday, July 14, 2013

Political refugees from the USA? Think Ecuador

I have an idea:

Ecuador has offered Snowdon political asylum: after all, they have already offered asylum to Assange.

All of them are being prosecuted by the Obama administration, for being  "whistle blowers" of stuff that was already known, but not well reported in the MSM.

 (come on now: Anyone listening to C2C or reading various milblogs know this stuff was going on...StrategyPage had a podcast where Jim Dunnigan and Austin Bay were laughing at the stuff released by Assange, and were saying " that one right. Yup...we got that one right too).

So maybe they should offer Zimmerman political asylum also: This was a show trial orchestrated by a few bigshots and aided by the US Justice Department. But a lot of folks suspect it was not about justice, but about manipulating the black vote for Obama.

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