Saturday, July 20, 2013

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Environmental activist and pious Muslim, Dr. E, is proposing a new group: Muslim mothers for peace, to counteract those pushing the Sunni/Shia hatred in the world.
I had and interview with an international news agency and I proposed a campaign of Muslim Mothers  for Peace....
The main objectives are awareness raising, advocacy and promotion of understanding among the Shia and Sunni  schools and a strong denunciation  of violence and terror .
Ha. Devout Catholics (and other devoutly religious people) have better sex.

actually, this is not a new finding, since Redbook magazine found the same thing 20 some years ago, and Andrew Greeley, based on his 1994 surveys as a sociologist, says the same thing...
Part of this is because in married couples, there is affection for each other, and there is trust that your lover loves you and will care for you. Part of this is also because Christianity insists we forgive others as God forgives us (so we are not supposed to keep grudges) and part of it is because of something John of the Cross noted:When you pray devoutly, you stir up emotions of loving God and those around you, which then can be expressed in lovemaking.

VDHansen points out that although there are plenty of jobs in Mexico nowadays, a lot of folks emigrate to the US etc. because there is a better chance for social mobility.

Yes, that is why so many Pinoys long for a job in the Anglosphere (US/Uk/Canada/Australia/NewZealand) or in the EU: because here, a few families run everything, and it is hard to break into their monopoly of power.


And the good news in the US: 

No, they won't stop spying on you, but now they will let you know they are spying " as part of an effort at greater transparency" ...

related item: Assange is played by WilliamPitt/Khan/Sherlock/Smaug in the new fil The Fifth Estate.
but Assange hates the film, and sees it as propaganda...

the holiest city in the USA is New York City? 
no, it's not a joke. The article explains how they calculated the rankings.

headsup FThings

also from FThings: the new religious trend for Evangelical youths is to join liturgical churches. Part of this is the beauty of the liturgy, but another part is that, by stressing tradition, it means joining a church that is built on a rock, and not one that is about fluff, easy answers, and "ME ME ME"...


Leon Podles visits Iceland and discovers it's hidden acoustic sculpture.

video HERE.

and LINK:someone has too much time on their hands.

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