Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stories below the fold

It's a king...

Guess CNN will now switch to that story, and ignore what else is going on. Which is why we watch the BBC and the Japanese English language news...

Not all the news in Afghanistan is bad. StrategyPage notes:
Before: 900 thousand boys in religious schools that taught jihad.
After: 8 million kids, (40 percent girls) learning secular subjects in school.

related item: Maternal mortality is still one of the highest in the world, but has fallen dramatically thanks to midwife/birth attendant training.

another report (from 2011)
Previously, 1 in 11 mothers died in childbirth. The new survey indicates that the number has dropped to 1 in 50. The number of children who died before the age of 5 also dropped from 1 in 5 to about 1 in 10.
What is the link between birth control pills and smart meters?

Doctors confused and skeptical about Obamacare.

Yeah. We'll have to spend all our time typing notes on our superduper computer program, filling out all the spaces required by the government, instead of listening and examining you, and then we'll have to treat you according to flawed and biased research articles that have been mixed together and "analyzed" by experts who will tell us how to practice medicine. (GIGO anyone?)

and guess who will have access to everything we type.

my latest privacy question: why does Yahoo mail tell me my screen resolution is too low. That means they have access to this part of the computer...

This goes against the narrative.
but then, the narrative was bunk to begin with. 

but never mind: the saved family is now worried that they will be targeted by racists.

 Rev Sensing reports that some wag put Detroit for sale on ebay,
and adds:
Buy within five days of this listing and get Flint, Michigan for FREE!

A bonus worth more than $75!
More seriously (via Instapundit): Michael Barone's take...


Factoid of the day:
Buzz Aldrin prayed and took communion on his moon voyage.

and Father Z discusses who is the bishop of the moon.

Pope is in Rio for World Youth Day. 

the press is busy writing up small but violent protests by leftists.

Well, hopefully AlQaeda won't try to bomb him and a few thousand young people as they almost did when the Pope visited Manila...


Lying? no problem.

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