Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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Bud Day has died:

...retired Air Force Colonel George “Bud” Day, who spent five and a half years as a POW in Vietnam with McCain at the Hoa Lo Prison.
Day had a decorated military career — including a Medal of Honor for escaping his captors after his aircraft was shot down...
After his release, he retired to Florida where he practiced law and became a champion of veterans’ health-care benefits. Day was 88.

 and he was willing to correct those who lied about VietNam:

Of Day’s famous bluntness Americans gained a taste during the presidential contest of 2004, when the aging hero emerged in harness with the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth in their campaign to expose the sham of John Kerry. “How can you expect our sons and daughters to follow you when you condemned their fathers and grandfathers?” Day demanded in one ad. The question turned out to resonate with Americans, who fell away from Senator Kerry and handed up President Bush for a second term. They comprehended what George Day was saying and that his heroism was unalloyed.
South Sudan report: Trying to get a pipeline to stop Sudan's shennanigans to stop them from making money.

And now: Exotic coffee to the rescue?

Forget about Iraq: Mexican violence is the untold story.
July 27, 2013: The government believes about a thousand people a month are dying from cartel related violence. This puts Mexico ahead of the recently increased terrorist violence in Iraq and where Syria was earlier this year. Some 70,000 have died in the cartel war since 2007, compared to over 100,000 in two years of Syrian violence and 120,000 Iraqi dead in a decade of religious violence.
someone tell the Pope, who "loves" druggies but is pretty close to being an enabler of sinners, since he preaches love, not repentance. The "Evangelical" sects actually stress positive behavior and giving social support for good behavior: which is why they get a lot of converts, and are getting a lot of their people out of the slums into the middle class...

Big Macs: high protein food for the masses.

I am old enough to remember the poor kids or kids whose moms were lazy would eat candybars and coke for breakfast. Now they eat McBreakfast instead.


Global warming: blame Gaia?

Earthquakes contribute to global warming by releasing methane hydrates, a greenhouse gas, from the ocean floor.


"Unisex" Combat uniforms? No, a misleading headline.
They are finally making the BDU uniform to fit women.

When I wore fatigues in the National Guard, I used to wear a medium top and a XXL long trousers (and cut off the bottom of the pants) to fit my large hips/high waist. But in the Class A uniform, I was a 16 top and 18 bottom.


Headline reminds me of Miss Congeniality bit about "World Peace".


It's not a UFO: The Perseid meteor showers are coming.

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