Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stuff around the net

Medievalists net links to an article about Heaney's translation of Beowulf.

Heaney, a poet, didn't just translate it, he changed it so that the story would be poetic also...

If you want to listen to the translation, someone posted it on Youtube
Link1  LINK2


Most of the history of the plague acts as if it occurred only in western Europe.
medievalists also links to an article on the plagues in Egypt.

Defoe's book on the London plague is a classic, but is fiction, and he was not an eye witness.

Grescham college has a bunch of neat lectures on disease in British history, including this one about the plague of London

Trivia note: Camus also has a book The Plague, about a fictional outbreak in Algeria. The book is an allegory on the spread of fascism, Nazi takeovers in particular, and the theme is that it is important for people to decide to fight it.


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