Friday, July 05, 2013

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MomJones reports:
But even if you're just trying to cut back on meat, or trying to impress a vegetarian, the alternatives usually offered are lackluster at best, and unhealthy and environmentally questionable at worst. As my colleague Kiera Butler reveals, it can take just as much energy to produce a veggie burger as a beef burger, and many soy-based fake meats are processed with hexane, a neurotoxin. Luckily, there are savory alternatives to this dilemma...
here, the beef tends to be aged waterbuffalo meat, tough local old cow, or wonderful and very expensive frozen steaks from Australia. So we rarely eat beef...


the bad news: Fewer sunspots mean we might be entering another mini ice age.
The good news: It won't stop all of global warming from man made carbon output, but it might slow it down.
The really good news: Our laptops will be safer: no solar flares.

Growing new livers from (adult) stem cells? 

looks interesting....


Remembering the Catholic Sisters who nursed the wounded during the Civil war.

headsup Getreligion.

HeirsOfDurin blog has screen captures of a nice but older article on the hobbit...

the magazine says that Gloin is the only married dwarf in the film, on other sites it mentions that Bombur is also married. Fanfiction names her as Nos, and says, like her husband, she can wield a weapon or a cooking spoon with equal vigor.
Dwarven marriage customs described here.


What did folks use before matches? EnglishHistoricalFictionblog says: Tinderboxes...

headsup TeaAtTrianon  

TYWKIWDBI discusses medieval Girdle Books.

Amelia Peabody's belt had many attachments, but in medieval times they carried books from their belt.

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