Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Weird stuff in the news

Viagra: it's not just for men anymore.

they are using it to open the arteries to the uterus/placenta in pre eclampsia.
if this works, it could be a "cure", not only for preeclampsia related small babies but for the syndrome of eclampsia that kills so many mothers worldwide.

the article mentions that it also works in pulmonary artery hypertension.

If you remember awhile back, a lady with this was aborted in a Catholic hospital because there was no other treatment (the ethics committee said).  According to Wikipedia, the doctors said her chance of dying was 100 percent. They were wrong: Articles noting  Reports of using Viagra to successfully treat such patients were first published in 2007... and confirmed in 2010 study.


Matthew Shepherd Redux: Did Trayvon Martin attack Zimmerman because he thought he was gay?

all those reports predicting huge epidemics of dementia might not be correct;

NYTimes reports European surveys show that the rate of dementia is falling, and attributes that to better health and nutrition.

medicines that prevent "multi-infarct" dementia from mini strokes may be the reason: We now have medicine that lowers the blood pressure and cholesterol...

Glee star died of a heroin overdose.
so was he abused and bullied as a teen actor?

Do heartburn drugs increase heart attacks?

animal studies. But on the other hand, living with constant pain after eating, or dying after a GI bleed or dying of esophageal cancer is a bummer too...

another day, another storm.
that explains the bad thunderstorm late yesterday afternoon.
But the new mayor has started cleaning out the open air sewers/drainage ditches near the palenke, so the streets don't flood as badly as before.

Dollar falls after Bernake testifies to Congress....
Which is why the news is Zimmerman 24/7

GetReligion discusses euphemisms in the European press.

Not every French delinquent is Muslim. But for fear of causing offense to those who are perpetually aggrieved, the euphemism “youth” gives the impression that all criminals are young Muslims — or all Muslim youth are criminals. The attempt to avoid stigmatizing some members of a disaffected minority serves to stigmatize all... Lousy reporting plays its part in poisoning social relations between communities.
yes, and when the US press fails to designate the race of criminals, it does the same thing. Interestingly enough, the number of white faces in the photos on the Martin "protests" recently suggest that it is the anarchists/Move on folks, not the black population, who are making most of the noise, yet without solid information, including numbers, one doesn't know if this is another case of political astroturfing or a real uprising.

And where are the quotes in the MSM from the Spanish language opinion makers? (Univision is ABC, so are they biased? But what about the local Spanish language radio stations?)


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