Monday, August 05, 2013


Since the US embassy in Bogata was bombed a week before I arrived there to adopt my sons, I am wondering why the US is overreacting to threats. Uh, maybe they should just block people? In Bogata they kept the visa office near the street (so a car bomb only would kill locals) and forbad parking on the street, but the embassy was 100 yards back. The embassy in Liberia was similarly isolated, but the US embassy in Manila was not that far back (which is probably why they just moved into a new embassy).

But never mind. Obama is under fire politically for scanning grandmom's emails of the LOLCat ... so they have to justify this, especially after ignoring Russia's "headsup" on the Boston bombers.

The bad news is that despite all those scary drone attacks, which Strategy Page says are working, at the higher levels, no one thinks Obama is either wise nor scary, (but if you dare say so, you are racist) so better to overreact than actually pinpoint the problem and stop it, or else defend against it.

They aren't closing the US embassy in Manila, but I should add that once or twice, there were low key stories that the embassy was being temporarily closed.

But then, terrorism is usually underplayed here, mainly because a lot of "terrorist" incidents are payback for not paying "revolutionary taxes" to insurgent groups, or they are clan feud killings of rival politicians over who controls all that lovely money, as in our cousin's death or in the Maguindano massacre...

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