Thursday, August 01, 2013

Cat item of the day


Why does kitty bite you when you rub his tummy?

and it includes these other catoids:

• The greeting – when the cat walks towards you with its tail up, it means it is saying hello • The sign of trust – when the cat rolls on its back exposing its stomach it is showing it trusts you rather than wanting its belly rubbed. • The leg rub – when the cats rubs its head and body against your legs it is saying you smell strange and is trying to mark you with its scent • Flattened ears – when the cat flattens its ears it is frightened and needs somewhere to hide • Licking of lips – while after eating this can just be it is cleaning itself, at other times it can be a sign of nausea or stress • The slow blink – the cat will slowly close and open its eyes, turning its head to one side, meaning it is relaxed and is not feeling threatened

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