Thursday, August 29, 2013

Celtic Dwarves?

Are the dwarves Picts? Their language is based on Hebrew syntax, and their names come from the Edda, but Jackson's Dwarves have a Celtic influence.


When comparing the Celts to dwarves, it is important to focus on one of the northern tribes (in modern Scotland): the Picts. They were given their name by the Romans, who found the animal shapes and designs they painted on their bodies with blue woad to be curious pictures. The Celts were also in the habit of shaping their hair before battle – using a mixture of lime and urine as a sort of styling clay that caked white onto their tresses and made their hair stand on end. For a cinematic example of these ancient warriors, check out the trailer for Kevin MacDonald’s adaptation of The Eagle (2011).

more HERE on the Celtic influence on hobbits as Welshmen.

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