Friday, August 16, 2013


the BBC news etc. are covering the Egyptian story as "evil army vs protesters", but don't seem to have noticed the context: a fascist and incompetent government. Ralph Peters explains:
There was, indeed, a coup. But not all coups involve tanks. The real coup came after Egypt’s premature, badly flawed election, when Morsi and the Brotherhood excluded all non-Brothers from the political process; curtailed media freedoms and jailed journalists; attacked Christians; and rushed toward an Islamist state that the majority of Egyptians did not want.
Tens of millions of Muslims took to the streets to protest the Brotherhood’s plunge toward tyranny. Only after attempts to persuade an unrepentant Morsi to compromise failed, did the military move against the regime. The people cheered.
Yet our breathtakingly inept ambassador backed the Morsi regime right to the end. That isn’t diplomacy. It’s idiocy.
Yes, the Russians are about the only ones who point this out: they have been covering the anti Christian atrocities ignored in the western press (the BBC actually blithely states: the Copts have a "difficult" relationship with the Muslims. Duh).It's bad when you think Putin is the good guy in the Middle East.

more HERE.

my own take: Huma, Hillary, and follow the moneySometimes even a broken clock  tells the right time?

Yes, I know: don't blame conspiracy when stupidity is probably the real cause.

a blogger reports on the attacks against government offices, and christian churches in Egypt.

a lot of the attacks won't get on the news, since a lot are against the Christians who mainly live in the south (lower Egypt). Includes this photo.

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