Friday, August 02, 2013

Family news

We're between low pressure storms, so no internet outage/brownouts.

I did my weekly shopping trip to waltermart to get Lolo's medicines, and he came along: it's the only place you can find Chinese food in town. So he got some "Japanese siomai" (wrapped in seaweed instead of dough, with a piece of crab inside) and a Siopao, a steamed roll.

I got a pizza from a vendor: Not too bad, but it had only a smidgeon of toppings.

His blood pressure medicines cost 20 dollars a week, which is a lot cheaper than the USA and would be even cheaper if we used generic (which we don't: You can't trust generics: lots of counterfeit medicines).

That was our "big trip" for the day, but Lolo does go to the farm a couple times a week. I don't: I grew up in a big city, so don't know much about rice growing or organic veggies.

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