Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Family news

Dita reported to us that there had been an attack in our neighborhhood, where someone sprayed bullets at some people and  killed three of them.

Details here.

The apparent target of the attack was Emerson Pascual, whose father Rodrigo was a former mayoralty candidate and who also lost two brothers in an attack on a cockpit in 2006.
Pascual escaped unharmed.
Police said Pascual and his companions, among them his driver, Vendivil, and Lim, were about to enter a restaurant when at least five gunmen opened fire with automatic rifles before fleeing on a Toyota Hi-lux with license plate TT-1506.
The two students were eating at the restaurant when the attack happened.
Still unconfirmed reports indicate one of the suspects, said to be a barangay captain, had been captured.
yup. Eliminating witnesses? LINK


Supt. Bernie Orig, chief of the Gapan, Nueva Ecija police, said VACC board member Emerson Pascual was aboard his Nissan Patrol with his bodyguard Rufino Bendevil and were part of a funeral cortège around 10:30 a.m. when they moved out of the procession and stopped in front of an eatery on Tinio Street.
They were about to alight from the SUV when five unidentified men opened fire, hitting Bendevil but missing Pascual, who was able to scamper for safety.
However, three other people inside the eatery were hit by the gunfire and later died at hospital.
 what is scary about this is the part about the "funeral cortege"...

Leo's funeral was yesterday (and yes, I went to church but left halfway through because I got sick)...usually after the mass, there would be a slow march to the cemetery along this route...

and the custom here is that after you visit a wake or a funeral, that you go to a restaurant and eat something before you head home. So I wonder if the murderers were following the procession waiting for an opportunity...

The church was full for the funeral (which is why I got sick) but I didn't see a lot of bodyguards or cops there...

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