Sunday, August 25, 2013

Family news

The rains have stopped (for now: it is monsoon season).

Ruby was in Manila at her homeschool base for a lecture/presentation, and came back late last night with her cousin, meaning that the young girls will be giggling and running around together.

Chano is at the farm.

I woke Lolo for church, but he wasn't feeling up to it so we stayed home (again). It's so hot and humid that I might not make it through mass without getting sick, so it's okay by me: Maybe we should switch to the 530 am mass, when it's still cool.

Dogs woke me up in the middle of the night again: the neighbor's dog was visiting Angel, who presumably will have his puppies. BadBrad and George the killer labrador were upset about this, but often Brad's puppies die (genetic problem?) and George is snipped and shooting blanks so it's okay.

My computer is dying: got the blue screen of death and had to fix windows, so maybe it's the memory again. But now it's working so my fingers are crossed.
It's not just that the computer is old, but the electricity goes on and off and we get a lot of thunderstorms...usually I turn off the computer in the afternoon, just in case.

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