Monday, August 26, 2013

Headlines below the fold (plus rants)

FilAm novelist MariaElena links to groklaw blog, with links to laws covering privacy.

It's not about spying on you, it's about intimidating you, so you are afraid to express politically incorrect opinions, even in the privacy of your own home.


Excuse my cynicism on Bradley Manning announcing he is a woman, conveniently discovering this shortly after he was convicted. First he was dating a flamboyant transvestite, then he was gay, and now he's a woman? Sounds like he has gender issues, not transexual issues.

My take: maybe he prefers the women's brig at Miramar instead of Leavenworth, where he would probably be in solitary confinement for his own protection. On the other hand, GIJanes can be pretty rough too...

 StrategyPage. again lists how the Palestinian propaganda machine's Big Lie  resembles the indoctrination propaganda of Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany...and with the European left being more willing to swallow that lie, they have no reason to try to confront reality.

and if you really want to be confused, read about the Arab minority in Iran, along with a summary of the various feuds between Arabs and Iranians, Sunni and Shiites.

The feuds go back to Darius (remember the handwriting on the wall incident in the bible?) so like most "religious" conflicts, is has a lot more to do with ethnicity/history than religion.

Flooding in the street here was not severe but several poor people have come to the door asking for hell in buying medicine to treat infected cuts from waterlogged feet: I worry about leptospirosis cases starting in the area. We already have Dengue and Chikungunya epidemics here...


Report of the hit job attempt now is in the local on line NEJournal.

you also can find the reason behind a lot of local "political killings": Money/pork/corruption reports.

And note the part about onions. Here, lots of local farmers invested in onion crops, only to have legal/illegal imported onions underpricing them...

and now they found gold in FtMagsaysay.  Wonder who will get rich from that.

Big protest against Pork/corruption in Manila today.


Hollywood reporter rejoices over the pc film of the week, The Butler, ..but one has to wonder who are all the  "none of the above'  who seem to be attending the movie...
The Oscar hopeful is broadening out in terms of its appeal to white moviegoers, with Caucasians making up 55 percent of this weekend's audience, compared to 48 percent on opening weekend. The percentage of African-Americans dipped from 39 percent to 33 percent (still far higher than the norm).

The really good news is that the article breathlessly writes: isn't it wonderful that this film is doing better than the flop "precious".

Tulsa born Tracy Lett's play August Osage county, will now be released as a movie: but it has nothing to do with Osage County or even Oklahoma, of course. The name came from a poem, and the writer says his plagerism is okay because the poet was a friend.


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