Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Headlines below the fold

Instapundit links to three articles wondering why the warnings about attacks on embassies just happened to be released now.

I  haven't read the links, but can think of three possible reasons:
One: to show that we need to copy and peruse grandmom's LOL cat emails.
Two: because reports (that haven't yet been leaked) suggest the attack is coming now.
Three: Israel is going to attack Iran.

I'm vote on number one...

Ha. Ordering Pizza in the future.

by a partisan group, but the problem is that a lot of this information is already available on line to businesses (with the exception of the medical information, which is protected by law).

Related item: From Google Street View to data  base of all vehicles.


The original WMD: How Bow and arrow technology changed the world
 Original article HERE.

The "WAGD" post of the day:

Sun's magnetic pole is about to flip.

actually, nothing new: This happens every 11 years or so.

General Liu, promoting democracy in China.


And the UhOh story of the day:

Hard-coded PIN vulnerability found in smart toilets

An attacker could cause the toilet to flush repeatedly. ... Attackers could also cause the unit to unexpectedly open and close the lid, activate the bidet or air-dry functions... (these toilets) are loaded with features such as automated lids that open and close, heated seats with temperature control, sprays, music, and deodorizers. The line (also) offers a bowel-movement tracker...

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