Sunday, August 18, 2013

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Did drought/climate change cause the Bronze  Age collapse?


the collapse due to invasions may have been refugees fighting to get food in new lands, rather than the invasions causing the collapse.

And another climate change collapse of civilizations might have devestated in Harappa and ancient Egypt nearly a thousand years earlier: LINK

more HERE.


The lastest theory is that there were three waves of settlement for ancient Americans.
these scientists deny that the Dene languages might have come with later groups, since the DNA was mixed, even though one theory links the Dene language with a small Asian population.

and that doesn't even include the weirder ideas like the Solutreans might have wandered over too...

quite awhile back, I wrote about the dangers of lead in skin whiteners and the problem of lead in lipsticks. I now have run across stories in the MSM noting the same thing. Sigh. I'm too far ahead of the curve.


The "nanny state" item of the day (UK):

Knitting group told they can't meet at local library because of 'dangerous needles' 

A knitting group that creates replica anatomical parts for trainee NHS midwives has claimed they are no longer allowed to meet at a library because its needles are ‘dangerous’ and its members are ‘too noisy’.

guess they need to switch to virtual knitting.


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