Sunday, August 11, 2013

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review of a book on Dickens and his kids.
I'll never admire Dickens again: I see no humor in playing cruel jokes on small children. If he was overly strict, well that can be blamed on his culture, but still...

headsup from LightReadingblog
Car Talk podcast is still around for your listening pleasure. This week they discuss a bread maker.

I LOVED my bread maker (I lived in rural areas where bread selection was limited and often made bread and coffee cakes...the yeast breads didn't always turn out well, so the bread maker was a blessing.

The same thing could be said about rice cookers...perfect rice all the time. Our cook Dita always overfills and burns out ours (a way to tell us she is proud of her ability to cook rice, so why do we say she has to use a fancy machine).

The writer of GrowingTeenagerBlog has left Malaysia and is discovering the UK: discussing business, sustainable development, enjoying British food/pubs, friendship (or lack thereof) and lots of lovely photos of the town.


from Toxel: interesting packaging designs.

DarkRoastedBlend has this photos of how some in the 1930's envisioned our future:

DRB also links to TopDegrees' list of ten geekiest things found in textbooks:



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