Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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John Hawks discusses MOOC's: using on line open courseware in teaching.

all I know is that I rip the lectures on line to mp3's and play them as background noise to go to sleep....some I even repeat and listen to them in daytime so that I learn something.


Gmail users have been warned: All your gmails belongs to them.

when you sign up, they warn you they'll read them so they can advertise to you better.

and of course, now the government can scan them and check if you are sending illegal LOL cat photos...


Gizmodo links to a study showing that chronic pot users get lazy. DUH.


Tolkien Library has lots of articles and book reviews for your reading pleasure.

related item: Mythgard Institute (who use MOOC to teach Tolkien, mythology, and ancient languages),

Summer courses included the Dystopian tradition, Tolkien's NON LOTR writings, and Latin...
their fall courses include Sherlock, Tolkien in tradition, and Tom Shippey giving a course in philology.

when I read about the first dog Bo getting his own private Osprey flight to Martha's Vineyard, I wondered WTF: is he trying to get his dog killed?

Gizmodo says that the president isn't allowed to fly in this "widow maker":
But while they're definitely (relatively) safer than the early versions, the Osprey is still not safe enough to entrust with the leader of the free world's life. As such, the presidential Osprey has not yet been designated a "white top," meaning President Obama is not allowed on board, but is currently undergoing further reliability testing. There's no word on when that will be completed, so for now, it will serve as a $67 million pet carrier.
also via Gizmodo: Teach your dog how to use an iPad.

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