Friday, August 30, 2013

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Have archeologists found the meadhall of Hrothgar of Beowulf fame?

The best Beowulf lecture (about that meadhall) is Tom Shippey's, explaining why the oldest epic of England didn't mention England at all (hint: Hengst). Tolkien, of course, explained that what made the epic great was the story, not the details.

Best headline of the day: Milky way's giant Black hole spits out it's food.

New Sandra Bullock film Gravity is about stranded astronauts...sounds like a remake of Open Water....hopefully without the downer at the end.


Obesity is from gut  bacteria, not too much food and too little exercize.

Uh, metabolic syndrome anyone? There is a "gut-mind" obsession with a lot of recent experiments: color me sceptical... lots of this comes out of the new agey type mindset...

Lots of opportunity for looters to make money: first Iraq, then Egypt, now Syria.
I figure that those stealing the loot are the ancestors of those who were exploited/taxed to make it in the first it's sort of returning stolen good to their owners.

Article on Job's tears and detoxifying Asia's waste water (i.e. nitrogen run off).

We used to make rosaries and necklaces from these seed, but never managed to grow them. Apparantly they are used as a food, and medicinally in parts of Asia.

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