Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Stuff around the net

Hey Luke:

LEGO Breaking Bad.

How do you swim in Molasses? Not very well.
Headsup Lightreading. 

Tarzan to the rescue! 

Video says that the yell was patented...


St. George? GKChesterton's life being investigated to see if he qualifies as a saint.

Yup. We need cheerful saints who drink and smoke and are overweight to prove that any of us can make it to heaven.

And don't forget Father Brown...
I prefer the one with ObiWanKenobi as Father Brown...I only watched one of the 2013 series, and it was stupid, and what was worse, it was boring and full of cliches.

Sherlock might be stupid, but it's full of good dialogue 

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