Friday, August 23, 2013

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The Israelis are worried that the conspiracy type Arabs living there will result in a polio epidemic. From strategypage:

in northern Israel polio virus was detected in a sewage treatment plant serving many local Arabs. Israel urged Arab parents to get their children vaccinated against polio, something a growing number of Arabs will not do because of rumors that such vaccinations are actually harmful to Arab children. The polio virus was first detected in February apparently entering from Egypt. There have been no reported cases in Israel but obviously people with resistance (natural or from vaccination) have picked up the polio virus and are carrying it around. If unvaccinated children get exposed to the polio virus the kids could be paralyzed or die.             
I discuss this on my xanga blog...

also from StategyPage: Nigeria corruption discussed, along with their local terrorist problem.

So far, there have been few retaliatory attacks on the Moslem minority in the south. This despite the fact that at least fifty churches have been attacked up there since last year and nearly 400 Christians killed. Outside of churches Boko Haram has attacked Christians over 30 times killing nearly 200.
but the loco bokos are also killing Muslims who go to school and mosques that aren't supporting them, so it's not religion per se. The real problem is if the Christians decide to retaliate, causing a civil war.


we have a similar problem in the south, where a peaceful gov't wants the Muslims to accept peace, but their radicals want the whole island which would let a minority rule the "newcomers" who are christian. But since the Muslims are newcomers also, maybe they should give it back to the tribes who lived there way back when... before the Indoy pirates invaded an took over the place.

Erap, who was not an elite but from the hoi polloi, let the Christians defend themselves leading to a lot of deaths, but cooler heads have prevailed since he was thrown out...(he's now mayor of Manila. Heh. who wudda thot).

Fracking might change the geopolitics of the Middle east, but another fact is that global warming might do it too.

Again, Strategypage discusses how the loss of ice from the arctic for four months a year is not only opening up that area for oil (mainly by Russia and Canada) but will allow China to avoid the Suez canal and shorten the time at sea when it ships stuff to Europe and Africa, at least during the summer season.

and PopMech discusses roboships. (headsup Instapundit)

The daily beast discusses why Egypt has coups but the US doesn't. I rarely link to that page, because the editor is a rabid christianophobe (she wrote an editorial in the WAPO on how she dreaded moving to washington because she might have to meet christians, whereas in NYC she didn't, thereby exposing her as not only hating someone she knew nothing about, but revealing her as a snob: too uppity to notice the "invisible man" around her: e.g. her Mexican maid or the Puerto rican cop or the local korean at the 7 11 who were probably shudder shudder christians) , but the link is again Instapundit.

Actually they get it wrong, as do many of those pushing "democracy" get it wrong.

Democracy is unstable because it allows a demagogue to control minorities. So instead of oligarchy, the control by the richest and most able, you end up with someone who manipulates the mobs for power, and anarchy or civil war results, which is why the next step is usually a dictator...

That is why America is a republic, based on Rome, not a pure democracy. It balances the various groups so that all get representation and the ability to influence the government: i.e. checks and balances. And it also posits rule of law (The twelve tables were the basis of Rome).

The problem with Obama is that he, like most post 60's students, never studied history, so is easily manipulated by the idea that since he got 52 percent of the vote, that he has a "mandate" to push his agenda. So if he faces a "divided" government, maybe it's because with his lapdogs, the MSM, he is pushing a radical left agenda and insisting that all of his party follow him. In contrast, the fight in the Republicans is between the traditionalists and the libertarians...

so bring on the race card. And other 'distractions" so you don't discuss the real problem: The economy.

All of these things happened before, as anyone studying the history of Rome and Greece could tell you...
or as one crabby Oxford don wrote:
What do they teach them at these schools?


Wired has a series on how to put on a space suit.


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