Tuesday, August 27, 2013

WMD? We haz that

 in the lead up to the Iraqi invasion, truckloads of unknown stuff was taken to Syria, but since Syria has long had their own WMD hidden away, when reports came about the use of nervegas to kill civilians seemed logical.

Yet there came a big question: was it Assad (who would be stupid to trigger a western response) or was it an Alqaeda use of nerve gas so they could blame Assad and his Iraqi allies, as the Russian press suggested?

No, I don't believe the propaganda in the US papers, because it was just too convenient. (I should note that I tend to read the British press because the US press is too politicized to know if anything is true).

However, now both the Israeli press, and the more believable StrategyPage says yes it was Assad, and explain why:

The key problem here was many Damascus residents supported the rebels. The chemical weapon attack was meant to show pro-rebel civilians that their disloyalty has a price and that mass murder was part of the punishment. Maher Assad is the guy to carry out this kind of operation as he has long called for more brutal treatment of rebels and has often practiced what he preached. Foreign medical personnel report treating hundreds of people for apparent nerve gas exposure since the reported nerve gas attack five days ago

the irony: If Assad really was afraid that Obama would attack, he would never have left his brother do this.

The bad news is that Iran and Russia are part of Assad's allies, and that the rebels have lots of terrorist volunteers who will kill religious minorities and impose Sharia on a secular country.

And those of you who are upset about the attack on the Coptic churches: Take note:

As more attacks occur against civilians the most frequent targets are mosques or churches. Nearly a thousand of these religious places (most of them mosques) have been heavily damaged or destroyed so far. Islamic radical rebels are the biggest offenders as they believe it is a religious duty to kill Shia Moslems and over ten percent of Syrians (including most government supporters) are Shia. 
They also discuss the huge refugee problem...

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