Thursday, September 05, 2013

Family news

It's hot, and except for normal monsoon thunderstorms, we're okay.

Our cook reported a bomb threat at the local palenke. The old "palenke" just happened to burn down so the mayor back then could build a new one. when left, the new mayor shut down part of it for poor construction and other problems, and built a new extention on the ground floor with better ventillation (open to air) for the "wet" vendors. Now that the previous family is back in charge, we have had a spate of shootings, and now the city wants the vendor to move back inside:  but the local vendors object to the high fees required.

So we avoided the palenke (which had the local army checking out things) and went to the mall instead to buy Lolo's medicines. The security guards check you and frisk you there routinely.

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