Thursday, September 26, 2013

Science stuff around the net

I'm way behind in my websurfing due to the bad battery on my laptop (which means that the computer only works on direct connection, and crashes when Blackie the cat sits next to me and knocks the wire out)...and the storms that keep messing up the internet or electricity here.

Are you worried about arsenic? This Wired article will make you worry more.

Heh. We have a deep well....wonder if it's ever been tested for arsenic levels.
One of the biggest biological man made disasters was/is in Bangladesh, where they dug deep wells so people would have clean water and not die of cholera or dysentery...years later, there was an epidemic of low grade arsenic poisoning.

The "garbage pit" of the Pacific ocean may actually exist, and then there is the sargasso sea, where according to legend, was full of dead ships never were able to get out of the area.

But what is this about the "Black hole" of the ocean?

some of the largest ocean eddies on Earth are mathematically equivalent to the mysterious black holes of space. These eddies are so tightly shielded by circular water paths that nothing can escape from the inside of these loops, not even water.
and what do they have to do with currants that affect our climate?

the earth now has a third VanAllen belt.

is this connected to climate change?

For that matter, why is the sun so quiet? 
that is good news for computer chips and the electric grid...
but the lack of sunspots might signal solar cooling...


A new island appeared after that Pakistani quake...but it is made of mud so probably will not last long.

Students one, bureaucrats zero:

LA high school students were given free ipads for school work only: They were supposed to be blocked so that students couldn't surf the web etc.

Guess what happened?


The Washington Navy Yard shooter blames "low frequency" radiation made him do it.

This is a common delusion in the mentally ill, but as one commenter pointed out, the article doesn't even mention the word "mental illness"...probably because if they acknowledge the guy was mentally ill, the VA docs who missed the diagnosis could be sued.

I hear that the Minneapolis "Mall of America" is increasing security (some of the Americans who attacked the Kenya mall were probably from the Minneapolis Somali community).

Well, that mall is a "gun free zone"...I have a better idea: Most folks in Minnesota have guns and know how to shoot. Just let everyone carry a rifle or pistol when shopping, and no problem...

Yes, I am joking, but stories about rescuers with guns are now coming out in the UK press.

The "sign that the end of the world is nigh":

21 inantimate objects that Miley Cyrus has violated.

Hey, she needed publicity, by my comment is this:

Sir Thomas More: Why Richard, it profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world... but for Wales? 

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