Friday, September 27, 2013

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the MNLF attack on Zamboanga is mainly ignored: When it is reported, it is reported as a small group who only wanted to plant a flag and declare they owned the city (ignore the 75% of the city who is Christian and don't want to live under sharia).
And then the UN is blaming the "humanitarian crisis" on the "fighting between the government" and the insurgents, as if those who fled were the government's fault.

So go read this story, about the special forces who are busy clearing snipers and men with bombs from the civilian neighborhoods.
He explains: going house to house, breaking down doors, breaching walls and checking that each and every cranny in the twisted and smouldering remains of what had been the community on Lustre St. was clear of MNLF snipers...

Later that day, I was shown a few bottles filled with gasoline and improvised shoulder slings. These were incendiary bombs used by the retreating MNLF snipers to burn houses where they had been hiding. Among the items recovered from the sniper positions were meticulously folded tinfoil strips and other drug paraphernalia.

"The enemy snipers use meth to keep themselves alert all night."
One is reminded of the phrase: better living, through chemistry"....

In other words, this was no "Easter rebellion" by peaceful rebels. This was an attack by those ready to destroy the town to make a point (which in this case is to let them, not their rival the MILF, be in charge and get all that lovely development money to divert into their leader's pockets...oh yes, and impose Sharia law on the area, never mind that the majority of folks there are Christians or animists/tribal folks).


Which one do you want: malaria or PTSS?
Actually, I'll take PTSS... especially if you know that your paranoid symptoms are not real but from the medicine, you can cope with them better, just like women can cope with PMS better when they know it is their body talking, not them.

The fighting in central Africa is going on, with 500 thousand refugees and lots of people in the middle of the war in danger of starving to death..
But hey, at least it's not a war that can be blamed on religion...or maybe not:

About half the CAR population is Christian and 15 percent Moslem (mainly from the north, where many Seleka men come from). Thus it’s no surprise that there’s been an upsurge in violence against Christians down south, especially in the capital. Clergy and churches have been attacked. The government says it will halt this, but Seleka has always had a hard time disciplining its members and that has not changed much since the rebels took control of the capital.

But since no one is using chemical weapons, there is no "red line" to make Obama take notice of the fighting.

the Kenya attack was also not really about religion, but needs to be seen in the context of Somalian tribes raiding the black Bantus to get slaves and/or steal their cattle, food and women, something that has been going on for the past 1000 years. Strategypage gives the backstory HERE.

hmm...maybe there is a pattern here: The Moros in Mindanao were also slavers who terrorized the Visayas for years, and the "newfangled" history usually ignores that the Spanish fought them for a good the same way that China ignores that the western powers "stole" the south china sea because they were fighting Chinese pirates, who were protected by bribing Chinese officials.

check out piracy course at UnivHouston.

So how to shut down modern pirates? Julius Caesar did it, but that is no longer PC... Anne Coulter lost her job for her quip on a less murderous strategy: which ironically is how the Vikings were pacified (although the "invasion" was not by their victims, but by Saint Olaf ) so  she might have a point.

The Anchoress has more on the Pope's comments.

First, you fall in love with Jesus, and then you do the hard part: act on what he said.

The "I know it's around here somewhere" headline of the day:

IRS Watchdog: $67 Million Missing from Obamacare Slush Fund

New Republic asks: have professional women made it worse for their working class peers?

yes, of course. as Betty Frieden pointed out before the feminists threw her out: most women want families too and work policies that enable them to do both. But the feminists made equality so important that part time and flex time and protections for pregnant women were discouraged. That is why they love abortion: it enables them to be "childfree" and promiscuous, so they can be sucessful.
But what if they do marry and have kids?

British economist Alison Wolf argues that as the gap between genders has narrowed for the affluent, the gap between rich and poor women has broadened. The former’s professional success is made possible by “the return of the servant classes”

via Instapundit.

 and for movie fans, the bad news of the day: another "the end of the world is nigh" film is coming:
• Is Hollywood out of ideas? Has it tapped out when it comes to fresh cinematic adventures for the masses? I'd say the answer is tilting hard toward “Yes” when there is a remake of Left Behind currently in the works. And it stars Nicholas Cage. Yes, the Apocalypse is upon us, and it will cost you $10.00 to experience for two hours.

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