Wednesday, September 18, 2013

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Heh...Colbert defends the faith.

via lots of catholic blogs...And no, we don't get Colbert here in the Philippines.

GetReligion defends the Pope. words taken out of context? check. twisting what was said to make it sound bad? Check. Misunderstanding the context of what was said? Check. Distorting a pastoral remark for a dogmatic clarification? Check.

and around the net: Similar distortions on people who dare to defend marriage.

I gave Ruby "Animal Farm" and now she is reading (on her own) 1984...she also is studying statistics. Presumably she will learn how to discern the "new speak" and propaganda and "two minute hate" of the media.

and yes, here the "english language" papers/tv news obeys their American masters in is reminded of when the news was full of reports that the bishops were "bribed" by fancy SUV's, the story as part of the attempt to smear the bishops who opposed a bill mandating free birth control to any woman who used a government clinic (note: the high maternal mortality here is because one third of women deliver without a trained midwife, so the "solution" is to pressure those who use gov't clinics to stop having babies ignored the real problem behind maternal mortality).

...turns out the bishops accepted four wheel drive vehicles from a gov't charity fund (which often was misused to bribe folks) but the actual vehicles were used and/or pickup trucks, and used for charity outreaches to rural areas, which like most Catholic charities wasn't limited to those going to church. The end result was that the bishops drove the cars to Manila and gave them back.


yesterday, someone wrote that how we write affects what we write, so that not teaching cursive is bad for kids.

Well, not teaching cursive is wrong for obvious reasons, yet I think faster than I can write, so either have to use shorthand or type to get my thoughts straight.

Ancient Egypt had a type of cursive for documents and now Ancient Standard blog notes the cache of letters found in northern England also included cursive writing.

So this has been around awhile.

the latest "shooter" was hearing voices. Probably a paranoid schizophrenic. link

So why was he on the street and not hospitalized if he was acutely psychotic? the changes of the law that make it almost impossible to hospitalize the mentally ill unless they are a danger to themselves or others.

Another item no one wants to discuss: That the huge publicity given to such cases inspires "copy cat" crimes by the mentally ill.

Studying whales by examining their...ear wax?!


Brazilian hackers hit NASA instead of the NSA.

Reminds me of a story of when Iran was having a revolution, and shouting: down with USA...down with CIA...and one quirky American got them to shout: down with IRS...
(the US Tax department)...


President Obama waived a law/regulation that prohibited sending weapons to the Syrian rebels. That group is about 30 percent jihadi types...

uh: wasn't Benghazi about covering up the fact that the CIA was sending them weapons via Turkey?


Companies lay off thousands and then demand immigration reform for more laborers.

yeah. The dirty little secret is that they work harder for less pay.

I'd blog more, but my battery is dead (I have one on order) so every time the cat comes up to sit next to me, he knocks out the wire and I have to reboot.

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