Saturday, November 02, 2013

Factoid of the day

from MyLadyWeb:
'To bring anyone back from being with the fairies, you should get the leaves of the Lus-mor, and give them to him to drink. And if he only got a little touch from them, and had some complaint in him at the same time, that makes him sick like, that will bring him back. But if he is altogether in the fairies, then it won't bring him back, for he'll know what it is, and he'll refuse to drink it.
Headsup TeaAtTrianon

LusMor is the name for Spearwort, a plant related to the buttercup that is used on ulcers to heal them.

it is poisonous...

the dictionary says that sometimes the word is used for the digitalis plant, a valuable herb used for failing hearts but which is also poisonous if you take the wrong dose.

 As for fairy sickness: The Tolkien professor points out that if you went into the woods, and saw a bright light and strange looking people who kidnapped you, in medieval times you would say you were kidnapped by fairies, but today, it would be called a UFO abduction....

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