Saturday, November 16, 2013

Factoid of the day

 IKEA donated more to help the Philippine typhoon victims than China.


The Japanese English news had a segment on how local folks are taking buses down to southern Luzon with rice, water and supplies for their relatives. All the local TV programs and celebrities are raising money.

StarTrib article on the FilAm resonse

Joy's relatives in the Visayas lost everything, so when Ruby decided to send some of her private money to charities helping those suffering, her mom suggested she sent it to their relatives instead. 

If you are wondering how a kid has private money: she designed and sold tee shirts...

so am I donating money? No, because I am on a pension and gave a lot  of my extra money to help local folks whose homes and possessions were damaged in our smaller typhoon. Sigh. I'd love to be there helping, but I don't have the energy for such things anymore.

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