Sunday, November 24, 2013

Family news

We went to church this morning, but didn't stay for the Eucharist procession after Mass (to celebrate the feast of Christ the King).

Lolo is much better but has trouble walking more than a block, and even then walks slower than he used to do (up to two years ago, he jogged a mile a day slowly)...

The boys are cleaning our glass ceiling below our skylight. We have a roof with a second raised gabled roof (aka ridge vent) to allow circulation, and part of it is made with clear plastic to let in light. So we don't need to use lights in the livingroom/dining room during the day. However, it allows dirt etc. to enter, and when it is stormy or we have a typhoon, it lets in some of the rain.

Hence the smoked glass ceiling areas are very very dirty.

I had some places to link with, mainly science articles like THIS (hey, I didn't know he could detect neutrinos) but am too lazy to do it.

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