Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I like this pope

If you read what the pope is supposed to say as filtered by the press, you are missing the whole picture.

Part of the Pope's statement. ...remembering the Macabees (aka the guys behind Chanukah).when they were  being forced to deny their religion to honor the king.

he pointed out the dangers of globalization that destroys culture, while also adding this:

Pope Francis cautioned against the attitude of wanting “be like everyone else,” which he referred to as an “adolescent progressivism.”
“What do you think?” he pressed, “that today human sacrifices are not made? Many, many people make human sacrifices and there are laws that protect them.”
then her returned to his theme: God loves us.
“He always waits for us,” stated the Pope, “He loves us so much and He forgives us when we, repentant of any step, of some small step in this spirit of worldliness, go to Him, God of faithfulness before his people, that are not faithful.”

I hate to post so much religion on my blog, but as one who has worked hands on in the third world, I LIKE THIS POPE.

Much of what is written about him is filtered via the left/right wars of the elites of the west, who are taking his words out of context, but his approach is that of a hands on pastor who knows the reality on the ground of the third world...

And he even has a word about the culture of pork that echoes the blogposts of the old leftie Bishop Cruz:
Pope Francis... said Christians who donated money to the church but stole from the state were leading a "double life" and were sinners who should be punished.
 he's better watch it: The first guy who said that was a sardonic Jewish carpenter who came to a bad end...

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