Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Quote of the day


Rule One: never bluff an isolationist to yank all his forces from your country.

VDHanson defends Obama's middle east policy.

Of course, he was warning that the US would revert to isolationist policies years ago, during the Bush presidency, when everyone, including the Euroweinies, were hitting on Bush's policies of killing bad guys.

...a tired public shrugs the equivalent of “whatever.” In theory, it understands that any time the U.S. stays home, others less lawful and stable take up the slack — and the ensuing chaos comes back to haunt us.

But voters are exhausted by Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya — and the ingratitude that seems to follow from those who were beneficiaries of vast investments in American blood and treasure.  Americans are collectively sighing that, in relation to whatever we do in the Middle East, Middle Easterners have a grating propensity for scapegoating America for their own self-inflicted miseries.

and ironically, it is the wildcatters of the fracking industry that make it possible for America to thumb it's nose at those who hate us.

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