Saturday, November 23, 2013

Related rant

Excuse me for being cynical but all that stuff about "third world" activists wanting richer nations to aid poor countries ignores that the aid will simply enrich the politicians in these countries.

Even in Yolanda, there are those who steal supplies: the looters got headlines, but the real looters are the politicians.

A lot of the relief supplies are being taken, partly because the supplies are dumped there and not being distributed properly.

US Marines instructed not to let politicians touch relief supplies.

rumors that some politicians have been taking them and repackaging them with their names on the packages, and other rumors say they are putting them in warehouses to sell later. (something that happened a few years ago when rice was bought to replace the rice crops destroyed by a typhoon...and much of the stored rice rotted).

GetRealPhilippines report says that Anderson Cooper is reporting things that the government is trying to cover up... they also are quoting ABC news about the uncoordinated relief response

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