Thursday, November 28, 2013

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According to the US Internal Revenue Service, a foreign athlete must pay a 30 percent income tax on earnings made in the US including compensation for a game, endorsements, sale of merchandise, royalty or other income related to an athletic event.
I wonder how many jobs were lost in Vegas because of the tax code.

Related item: US tax code taxes US citizens income overseas.

No big deal here: we don't have an income except our pensions, and last year the accountant told us not to file last year since we haven't paid tax for five years, and it costs us 280 dollars a year to have him file.

yet if there was a simple tax code, we would probably file it anyway.

The problem: The IRS wants the bank to report miniscule amounts of interest/income to them. Since the law insists that "overseas" income be reported, presumably the 60 dollars a year interest from my three bank accounts here in the Philippines should be reported. That probably takes 20 dollars of paperwork for the bank.

And if the small family business was still in Lolo's name, we would have to pay double taxes...but like most OFW, he had a relative "own" and run it while he was in the US, and so he doesn't "own" it.

Given the typhoons (two out of the last 6 harvests destroyed by typhoons, plus buildings and our car/machinery damaged in the latest typhoon in October) for the last two months, we have been subsidizing the business and using our pension for living expenses.

If the IRS goes against Lolo for this, I suspect he would renounce his citizenship, since he is a dual citizen as a "Balikbayan" (returning citizen) too.

As for me, as a foreigner, I can't own land or business here by local law, so it doesn't affect me.

Most American expats here who run businesses are married to locals, so they put the business in the name of their spouse. Others, like myself, have only a small pension as income.

But I can understand why some Americans who retire here will renounce their citizenship in fear of having the IRS confiscate their life savings because someone made a mistake on the complicated forms.

Whoops. Found this at the end of a story:

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Shhhh...don't dare even mention the story or they will come after you...


The Anchoress mentions another religious blogger on Patheos.

Somehow this strikes me as a bad idea: it makes all the major religious/atheist blogs vulnerable to hacking and/or having the entire site being taken down by the NSA/copyright police if one of them prints the wrong thing.

This fad is nonsense: you may be ingesting a lot of bacteria or viruses, especially if you had prolonged labor or a premature infant.
Approximately half of second-trimester placentas harbor organisms within the chorionic plate.
link 2 says it's only 30 percent of "normal" deliveries, but link3 notes that culture techniques might miss some infections.

and despite the hype that it is done by "primitive" people: not among those I worked with. Our midwives in Africa buried them.


To more kitties rescued from the street...they look just like the kitty we rescued two weeks ago...
one is covered with paint, so may not live.


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