Sunday, November 17, 2013

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The "WAGD" article of the day:
A new genotype of Tb making folks sick in NYC jails/homeless shelters. The good news: It is sensitive to antibiotics.


Iran: Bombs or Butter - 11/14/2013
Jim and Austin talk about the failed Iranian negotiations in Geneva.
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Spooky NSA - 10/31/2013
Jim and Austin discuss recent disclosures about the NSA. N ot surprisingly they have a different take on it than others and dredge up the ghost of Frank Church.
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The "emotional support animal" problem on airlines:

“It’s becoming a big problem,” said Marcie Davis, founder of International Assistance Dog Week. “I’ve seen people bring on pets and try to pass them off as an emotional support or service dog. It’s not appropriate and it’s not safe.”...

“Assistance dogs are trained not to bark in public, not to go smelling other dogs or people,” she said. “I’ve had my dog attacked in multiple situations. Honestly, I understand that there’s some value that people need an emotional assistance dog. But I think a lot of this is that people love their dogs and think they feel like if you have your dog, why can’t I have mine?”

Do we live in the matrix?

In Buddhism, reality is an illusion, so they would say yes.
Christianity/Judism/Islam says God made the world, and the material world is real and can be observed and analyzed by men using logic, and these ideas are behind modern science.

PopMech advises you on which light bulb to use to replace your old ones.

Well, I really worry about mercury pollution from the newer CFL lights, which seem to burn out faster than the old fashioned cheaper bulbs (which are hard to find here). The newer LED ones are expensive, but might help in the electric bill...I have bought one for the hallway, and so far so good...depends if they too burn out in 3 months.

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