Monday, November 04, 2013

Stuff below the fold

China's smog problem.

my comments here.

And if you read the SP story, they mention China is still slowly moving to take over Philippine fishing areas.


How the gov't snoops on your emails.

since they've been caught, they'll have to change their ways.

but they aren't the only ones...
Facebook also knows a lot about you.
and of course the identitytheft hackers are busy too.


First there was a housing bubble, and now there is a carbon bubble.
As the danger from climate change intensifies, and as rules on carbon and the introduction of carbon pricing in many parts of the world start to bite, these assets are expected to come under threat, from regulation and from the need to transform the economy on to a low-carbon footing. The "carbon bubble" has been identified by leading thinkers on climate change in recent years, but so far the findings have had little real effect on investor behavior.

ALGore is behind the story: One wonders how much money he will make from crashing these stocks...


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