Wednesday, November 20, 2013

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If you make a comment on an article and sign in with your facebook page, they get your "permission" to include  your email and facebook friends.

Who needs the NSA when you have facebook and google?

I usually use discus or twitter to comment, which are linked to my public email page and have no friends, but now those links aren't working well either


Ten outstanding loos for world toilet day.
Spiked notes: They are pushing outhouses, but what folks really want is decent flush toilets (and to be rich enough to afford them, I might add).


The "word of the year": Selfie. 

Selfie pipped 'twerk' and other increasing popular words such as 'showrooming', 'binge watch', 'bitcoin', 'bedroom tax', 'schmeat' and 'olinguito' - a small furry mammal discovered in August - to the top prize.

if you have teenagers, they do it all the time:
It means taking your own photo with a cell phone held at arm's of teens showing Pope Francis how it's done.

Photo: AP -  


Ice swimmers carry Olympic torch 

Doris Lessing has died. 
No, I didn't enjoy her books about depressed women seeing no meaning in life and reason to live, nor did I appreciate her love of communism.
However, she did change her mind on the latter, and even in later life blasted those westerners who loved Mugabe.


Film News: the latest "hunger games" episode, like the Empire strikes back, is better than the first one.
and, like Harry Potter, the third book will be in two parts.
it opens this weekend in the Philippines, and Ruby can't wait. I wonder if anyone realizes how this is rewriting the "scripts" for girls. No, they can't really be wonderwoman, but they can identify with Katnis...and book 3 has a lot of subtle parts about PTSS...wonder if they will cover these issues...

and Hobbit spoiler: HeirsOfDurin has a report on a German fan magazine article that mentions they don't kill Smaug until film 3....

Political joke of the day: 


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