Sunday, December 01, 2013

Family news

Lolo was well enough to get to church, so we went early this morning.

Yesterday, he visited the farm to check the damage/repairs, and found the dogs were all thin.

So he ordered the cook to make chicken/rice mixture and he went after Church to the farm to feed to them to fatten them up.

I added dog food to the mixture, partly to add vitamins and partly to discourage the staff from eating it or stealing it to sell.

Sophie's puppies have all left: She stopped feeding them last week.

 Sophie is now thin as a rail: she gets enough food, but with six thirsty puppies she lost weight again.

Alas, she doesn't eat dog food. We gave her extra eggs in the morning to help build her up.

Today was quiet. Chano and Joy had people packing rice for deliveries tomorrow in Manila, and Joy (with Ruby) has a trade fair in Subic, which is now full of shopping centers etc. I haven't visited there for years, but with Lolo I have to stay at home. He is better, but not well enough to travel that far for a one day trip.

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