Monday, December 30, 2013

Family news

Yesterday Lolo went to the farm and brought back the dog with severe mange and malnutrition. He's a bit shy, so I suspect that is why the other dogs got most of the food. The last dog this happened to died, so Lolo didn't want to leave him there.

So we are keeping him in the side garden and are feeding him, but not over feeding him. I got some medicine from the vet: She says the best treatment is a shot, but won't let me give it, and I didn't have the pickup truck to take him to the vet so we will try shampoo and local treatment. The mange is the type one sees in young dogs and will probably improve as the nutrition/immune system clears up.

I gave him a quick cleanup and put on the medicine this morning and Lolo stayed in that small garden all morning, mainly yelling at the boy to get it cleaned up. It hasn't been taken care of since the old man who we hired as a gardener and who mainly puttered around the garden went back to his home.

At lunch time, he got out of the garden by the broken gate and came into the house shyly...we fed him and put him back in the garden, fixing the gate again (the gate is closed with rope: It won't close because a mango tree is lying on top of it, after the typhoon...we were going to cut it down, but had other priorities, and now it has mangos and is doing fine)...

If the dog lives, he will be a nice dog for the main garden: the small male dog there died of heat stroke and since then the larger female dog won't stay in that garden alone. Yes, we have it fenced, but the door opens since the male bathroom is off that garden, and so it gets opened all the time.

Aside from Lolo yelling at everyone it's been quiet here. (no, he doesn't shout from anger: he's deaf and doesn't realize it. And then I have to yell back at him so he can hear me).

Ruby was at an overnight last night with her friends. She's homeschooled but now is in a church youth group, so she is getting a social life.

Chano and Joy are busy busy: most of the holiday orders have gone, and today they are cooking salted duck eggs to sell.  You soak the eggs in brine for a week or two then cook them: it gives them a nice flavor and a long shelf life.

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