Thursday, December 12, 2013

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China is under the delusion that any place ever owned by a government running China should be theirs. With Obama's projecting weakness, it means the green light is on. It's not certain if Japan will fill the power vacuum or not, which is why the newest landgrab of Japanese islands is ominous, sort of a "headsup" to that country.

discussion here.

How Assad is again winning in Syria.

Again, a lot of it is because Obama was too wishy washy to provide air power or support, and by the time he wanted to do so, the opposition had so many Alqaeda types that the US people said NO WAY.

Instapundit links to an article on the decline of dementia.

for later reading.

"Fake" sign language interpreter at Mandela's funeral?

the problem might be simply the British complaining of this don't speak ASL or the dialect used by the interpreter. And his lack of expression might be because the usual exaggerated expressions of a good "speaker" might be ridiculed by the clueless as making fun of the speech. Or maybe the guy was only incompetent.

Speaking truth to power: Third media slay in two weeks.

Killers still don't get swift trials...I mean the Manguindanao killers are still awaiting trial.

And the trial of the killers and the mayor who was behind the political hit that killed our nephew, a byastander, is still in limbo too...

Indeed, as soon as this guy's daughter was elected mayor there was a hit on the original victim's family, to threaten them to drop the case I guess (for some reason, WE can't ask for a trial, only the family of the targeted victim can't...since when is murder a crime that only is prosectued when the family objects to it?)

Ironically the second "hit" missed the intended victim but killed some innocent people nearby at a restaurant...and ironically the intended "victim" was at a funeral for one of our cousins, so the killers knew where he could be found... (the custom here is to eat out on the way home from a funeral, so the hit was at a public restaurant).

And even though our nephew was a US citizen, the embassy hasn't done didly squat to pressure the government to prosecute.


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