Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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the WAGD report of the day: mystery Illness in Texas (via Drudge)

if it was west Texas, I'd say it was Hanta virus, (we had an outbreak in northern NM and one case in Carrizoso when I worked in the area) but east Texas has a wetter climate...

Tech company executives want to discuss NSA spying, but Obama discusses Obamacare.

Luckily it was the heads of the companies: if it was the designers, the nerds would have walked out on him.

and since this IS from the UKMail, the article mentions that Biden has wandering hands.


addicted to video games? A problem in Asia...but they are good at training soldiers to react faster in emergency situations.

and one suspects similar "games" will help docs in emergencies...I used to have a disc with CPR situations...if you made a mistake, everyone turned to you and said :You killed him. Better to make your mistakes on the computer than in the ER.


Bumper sticker of the day:
via Father Z.

a Pellagian is one who thinks men are born without any tendency to do evil, so they can make it into heaven by doing good deeds: sort of "I'm okay you're okay" with hormones.

the problem: it implies: "but the rest of you are schmucks who are beneath our contempt"....

Come to think of it, that sardonic jewish carpenter told a story making fun of these types.


The newest hero: Themistocles??

yesterday, at the movies, we saw a lot of previews of superhero movies, and then we saw the preview of the up and coming film 300, the rise of an empire. and there was Themistocles...who along with Gorgo, the Spartan queen, was opposing the dictatorship of the multi pierced thug Xerxes.

Ruby was mad because they also made a woman the "bad guy" (Artemesia), helping the evil Persians, but I had to tell her to blame Herodotus, since he wrote the story.

And, of course, the irony is that if Xerxes had followed her advice, Greece would have lost the war...

The PC are trying to eliminate "evil white men" 'and "western culture" from education, but between 300 (Herodotus), the Hobbit (Beowulf), Thor (the Icelandic sagas), and Percy Jackson (Greek and Roman mythology), they are finding out about it anyway.

Now, if they only could make a decent film about a heroic Christian...yes, there are a few such films (the Mission comes to mind) but most films with the label "Christian" have stiff acting and plots that out saccharine the films on the Hallmark channel...


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