Saturday, December 28, 2013

How to read carbonized paparus and other stories below the fold

Long story on how it is being done on the BBC

also bbc: best space photos of the year

In November, Nasa released a spectacular picture of Saturn, from the Cassini probe. The image was produced as part of The Day The Earth Smiled Project, in which people around the world were asked to smile for this picture. Our planet is in view, but only as a pale blue dot in the bottom-right of the image
don't miss Dave Barry's review of the year 2013:  the year of the zombies

bureaucracy at work story of the week

Traditional Danish pastries threatened by EU cinnamon ban

apparantly, some cinnamon contains a coumadin like substance that could endanger some people's health.

A study for the UK's Food Standards Agency in 2010 found that the average dietary exposure to coumarin in Britain was 0.0018 mg per kilo of body weight, 55 times less that the EU "tolerable daily limit" of 0.1mg per kilo of body weight...

"An average person would have to eat so many Danish pastries in order to be effected, they would certainly die of obesity before being hurt by a low level of cinnamon," said Paul Nuttall, the deputy leader of Ukip.

recipe to make cinnamon rolls here

don't buy any stock in facebook: It is losing popularity with the young.

I hesitate to go there because a friend regularly posts "two minute hate" talking points

and I dislike their asking for personal information.

But it's good for posting photos for the family.

a bit late, but Uncle Orson mentioned that Elizabeth Peters, author of the Amelia Peabody mysteries, has died. Sigh.

Her real name was Barbara Mertz, and she also wrote non fiction books about her specialty of Egyptology that have been revised and re released in recent years.


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