Sunday, December 22, 2013

Insomnia downloads of the day

Librivox has short Christmas short stories for your listening pleasure...
They also have the original stories in this collection: Check out Matthew and Luke. and more stuff here.

Catholics always believe Luke got the story from Jesus' mom, since twice he notes "she pondered these things in her heart": and she is about the only one who would know that.

and here in Asia, the word "christmas" is not taboo: even in the Buddhist Japan and the atheistic China they celebrate the secular holiday.

Here in the Philippines, it is a religious holiday, and everyone goes home to visit the whole place essentially shuts down for a week.

Pseudo astronomy podcast debunks a lot of the fanciful explanations for the Christmas star.

Since the Magi were zorastrian astrologists from Persia, I suspect it was a planetary conjuction, not a  comet or supernova, and outside the expertise of scientific astronomy. One problem with the internet is that there is a lot of fake experts out there. Calling Professor Bulliet, the internet expert on Iran...

HistoryExtra has a podcast Christmas quiz. Haven't listened to it yet.

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