Thursday, December 05, 2013

Polonium in cigarettes: Who wudda thot?

wired reports that it has long been known about polonium in cigarettes, so trying to say the tiny amounts of polonium in Arafat's body is ignoring that he was a heavy smoker

so all of you Anti Semetic conspiracy theorist can forget that the old man was poisoned....(although I should note that most of the Anti Israel hatred, like a lot of the left wing hatred of America, seems to be based on cherry picking bad news and then having the compliant follwers in the press to push the story. This is similar to the black legend: not a balanced report of truth but propaganda... so I doubt a biochemical explantion will change anyone's mind).

But there is a real conspiracy that is being ignored: That tobacco companies conspired to cover up this fact, and that they could have fixed the problem 

EPA report on this problem here.

the source is natural radon gas in the soil and the chemicals in some fertilizers that causes other isotopes to be absorbed in the plant, but also released as dust, which gets attached to the tobacco leaves...

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