Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Science headlines below the fold

400 thousand year old DNA in Spain might have been Denisovan, not Neanderthal...
for later reading and research: All I know is that Denisovan is supposed to be the Asian Neanderthal... but the story keeps changing.

related item: For what they were blog recommends Ethiohelix for information on African DNA etc.


wormholes: may be the link between relativity and the quantum world.
Again for later reading and research: This story keeps changing too...
is string theory in or out this year?


An article on Gerald Manning Hopkin's dark night of the soul.
I always figured it was clinical depression, and often quote his poems when I discuss this terrible disease and argue with "religious" folks who insist that it is a spiritual problem that Jesus will solve, or with new age types who say all the depressed have to do is get a positive attitude.

yes, and no: Sometimes "Jesus" cures folks by sending them to a doc for medicine. And of course, some depression is from medical problems: mononucleosis, hepatitis, pancreatic cancer, thyroid disease or after a case of viral pneumonia are example of cases I've picked up when a person presented with what seemed to be a simple depression.

And Hopkins died of typhoid...after six weeks of "peritonitis"...a late complication of typhoid is that the hypertrophied bowel lymphoid tissue weaken the bowel wall and so when the person starts getting better and starts to eat, it perforates. So you have to watch their diets for weeks after a bad case. I've only seen it once, since most typhoid are treated nowadays with antibiotics early enough for this not to happen, but we did get a person who had a fever for a week before he arrived, and after he was treated did eat and develop this complication.

Global warming is melting ice setting low temperature records in Antarctica.

yeah: It's so cold that Prince Harry's trip with fellow vets had to be called off.

latest greenhouse gas danger: perfluorotributylamine

yes, it seems to be nasty to human life too.

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