Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Science Stuff below the fold

WesternDigs has an article about an Oklahoma fort that protected local Indians from attacks from other tribes...
ditch and pallisade protection wasn't just in Europe...but the area has few trees nowadays, so where did the trees come from?


Malta DNA....and it's genetic relationship to AmerIndians.

we already had a good idea about the origins of Native Americans: their ultimate roots, at least patrilineally, seem to be in Altai (where they were part of the wider West Eurasian colonization at the expense of Neanderthals with Aurignacian-like technology and dogs). Then, probably around 30,000 years ago they expanded eastwards through Siberia and maybe nearby areas...

SpaceX launches a satellite.

some credit to President Obama for this one.

Plastic gun ban is extended.

This was about keeping x ray proof guns out of airplanes. But now, with 3 D printing, the problem might become a real danger.


For later reading: Spooky wormholes.

Big Brother is watching you listening to your music.

 Clean, renewable energy...from wood?

related item: Back to the past: North Korea is using wood burning automobiles.

coax adult stem cells back into the embryonic state, and then use them to line a decelled human lung as a scafforld and voila, artificial lungs. LINK

but I wonder if the scaffold is decelled, why not use one from a pig? And I also wonder about the blood vessels here.

Nanosponges to boost immunity against MRSA toxin.


Physics behind the Amazon drone.

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