Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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World experiences hottest November in 134 years – NOAA


HEAVY SNOW WARNING: Shock long range UK weather forecast for winter 2013

BRITAIN faces months of freezing winds and heavy snow as long-range forecasters predict a “horror winter” ahead.

November Was Cold, But the Climate Keeps Warming

The U.S. has seen more record cold days than record warm days this year. But globally, the climate is still changing—and it's not getting cooler.
The problem is pollution: But the "global warming" religion is a scam so the elite can make a one world order.

and if you question them, even in satire, they will sue you.

Related item: The Anchoress comment on a recent court case about the First Amendment vs Obamacare:

Dude! Judge Cogan apparently thinks the Constitution is, like, relevant, even in the age of Obamacare, where laws can just be changed, over and over again, on you know…whims and stuff!

Change the constitution so that bills can be passed easier.

But of course, the dirty little secret is that it will make it easier for the elite to take charge and ignore those horrible people like the tea party types.
Frankly, you guys terrify us, you and your damn fascist Tea Parties.  Is there anything more frightening than seas of grandmothers waving American flags and singing “patriotic” songs?
Yup...that's a pretty frightening photo.

And since the military took an oath to defend the constitution, if you change the constitution, the oaths are void.

uh oh: Irish Immigrants are coming... and lots of them are illegal.

Lots of illegal Pinoys in the US too...

but my son can't even get a visa to visit, because they know he will probably find a job and stay for awhile. 

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