Sunday, December 22, 2013

The weird stuff around the net

A big kerfuffle about Pajamaboy.

EdDriscoll has this that about sums it up: age 26, I was the only doc at a 100 bed hospital in rural Africa.
So don't expect me to be sympathetic to a guy who won't get a job.

the entire Duck Dynasty kerfuffle is about  "reeducating" America:
He put it in terms of where do we draw the line--a question raised here before. Once we say, legally, that marriage is not defined as between a man and a woman, all bets are off on what arrangements are acceptable--and the courts, as predicted, have begun to reflect that

.. As Father Z points out, when the NYTimes eulogizes a pornographer, you know times have changed.

and to make things worse, the US State Dept and much of the UN is pushing this agenda on other countries... for example, the NYTimes laments that the survivors of Tacloban aren't getting condoms or morning after pills with their emergency relief supplies.


The Pope instructs the Curia: Stop gossiping.

StrategyPage discusses security related headlines of the year.

not only does Obama have a failed Middle East policy, but China is preparing to take over the west Philippine sea.

China wants to claim the earliest cat domestication (3300bc). But were they local cats, or traded in from the Middle East? DNA testing is pending...

The DNA of modern cats suggests the cats were already domesticated in Egypt by 3500 BC,
But recent genetic and archaeological discoveries indicate that cat domestication began in the Fertile Crescent, perhaps around 10,000 years ago, when agriculture was getting under way.

 and cats were buried with their owners in a Cyprus grave from 9500 BC...


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